6th Grade Language Arts- Mrs. Juliann Hanson, MAT

What's Happening?
Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome back to school and a year full of adventure!  We're going to learn so many exciting things this year. We'll become Word Smiths, learn to argue effectively (sorry, parents), write stories, and travel to far-off lands in the pages of unforgettable books.  I'm so excited and I hope you are, too! 

Students, I promise that I will turn your world upside-down on the very first day!
 If I do, you have to be a good sport and high-five me on the way out.  (Don't worry, it will be fun.)  All you need for the first day is a pen, a smile, and a sense of adventure!

Here are a few items of interest:

  • School Supplies - Your school supply list will be on the UES website.  You should have all your supplies(accordion folder) by Monday, September 11.  We'll set up our folders and notebooks on Tuesday so you will definitely need it all then.
  • Book Tally Stickers - Each term, your child must read 4 books of an appropriate reading level.  In order to help your child organize themselves, I place a sticker in their homework planner at the beginning of each term.  Use it as a pacing guide.  All 4 books (one in each of four, different genres) are due by the due date at the end of each marking period.  I suggest you encourage your child to follow the pacing guide in order to stay on top of things. However, your child will receive up to 18 points per sheet as long as they are turned in by the final due date.  Please sign this sticker each term so that I know you have seen it.
  • Google Classroom – We’re a Google Classroom! That means that students will complete most of their assignments using Google Apps via Google Classroom. I am able to work with students inside of their documents as they write! They have 24/7 access to their papers from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. While students will still have the option of printing papers out to take home, they will primarily share their work with their parents via their Google account.  I rarely ask students to write at home.  I like to work with them.  Google Classroom is your child's notebook. Only a student should work in their Google Classroom. Remember, students only learn what they do for themselves.
  • Reading Sheets Due: 10/30/17! Students are expected to read four (4) books each term. It is also important to sample various genres so be sure to choose books from four (4) different genres. Each book is worth up to 18 points. To receive credit for a book, students must turn in a reading sheet in which they demonstrate their thinking about the book. Any reading sheets turned in after the due date will count toward the second marking period.
  • What You'll Need Every Day - Come to class ready to learn with your charged laptop and laptop power cord, a blue or black pen, a red pen, ruler, your homework planner, accordion folder, the novel you are reading, and a sense of adventure!
  • Slow and Steady - Remember, a little review (5 minutes or so) each night is much better than cramming for hours before a test. Reading quality books every night is better than a marathon session of lesser books at the end of the marking period. Make it a new habit for the new year. Take the time to review what you've learned each day (in school and out). It's a habit that will last a lifetime.
  • Parent E-mail List: If you didn't have time at Back to School Night, please take my quick survey. I will use it to gather names for my parent e-mail list. If you would like to be included, please use the following link!
I wish you all a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Juliann Hanson, MAT
6th Grade Language Arts
Tests, Projects, & Events
Language Arts
  • WordSmith Quiz 1 - Friday, 9/15/17
  • All 4 reading sheets due Monday, 10/30/17
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Wednesday, 9/6  

1. Get your Book Tally Sticker signed by tomorrow. 
2. All school supplies due by Monday, 9/11/17
3. If you have not already read the Nine. Ten.  A September 11 Story, read it by 9/15/17.


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