Permission For Food in the Classroom

Permission For Food in the Classroom
Posted on 09/08/2017
Important Information

Birthday Celebrations and Food in the UES Classrooms:

Birthday Celebrations:

The UES does not permit Birthday Treats (food or gifts) to be sent in from home. While we recognize the importance of celebrating birthdays, we can no longer permit in school celebrations to include food, treats, goodie bags, or gifts sent in from home.

Food Related Lessons/Celebrations in our UES Classrooms:

At times during the school year teachers may have food in the classroom to enhance the curriculum or to celebrate a holiday. For a variety of reasons, some of our students may not be able to participate in food related activities or consume food in the classroom. To that end, we ask that each student have a permission form indicating the level of participating that is permitted by the parent and or guardian.

Permission Form for Food in the Classroom

Please click on the link below and fill out a brief UES Food in the Classroom Permission Form for each of your children that attend the UES (please submit one form for each UES child in your family). We ask that you complete this form in September.

Permission for Food in the Classroom 2017-2018