School Counseling

School Counselors: 

4th Grade:  Mrs. Kim Potter, phone ext. 14191
[email protected]

5th Grade:  Ms. Amanda Doto, phone ext. 14192
[email protected]

6th Grade:  Mrs. Joanna Weick, phone ext. 14190
[email protected]

Your School Counselor can Help You When . . .
Your grades are falling. .  You're having friend problems . .  You're faced with difficult problems at home . .  You're not satisfied with yourself . . .
The school counselor is available to the student throughout the day.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to call or e-mail their child's counselor with their concerns.  The school counselors are committed to helping students and their families with a variety of issues that may impact the success of the child.  Prevention is a priority with the counselors, so if you have any concerns, please make sure you communicate those concerns with your child's counselor.

The department plays a key role in assisting students in developing personal decision-making skills, encouraging the development of positive self-esteem, and helping students appreciate and value the commonalities and differences between each other.  The counselors facilitate small groups for counseling as well as individual sessions and class lessons.  All parental concerns or questions about a child’s academic, emotional and social well being at the UES may be directed through the Counseling Department.

Student Assistance Counselor
MTPS is dedicated to providing excellence in education. However, there are times throughout the course of a student's life that a number of factors may have a negative influence on a student's ability to achieve in school. There may be problems outside of school, which may prevent or interfere with a student's learning process. The Student Assistance Counselors works to help remove these barriers to learning by identifying the at-risk student, assessing their needs, and working with the family to provide appropriate resources and referrals.

The scope of the Student Assistance Program is district wide from kindergarten to grade 12, and preventive in nature. Please contact your child's guidance counselor or Student Assistance Counselor for additional information.